"I See Anything" Korogocho

"Telling Me The Time" Kayole

"Turning My Thoughts Toward Something" Upper Hill

"Light And Air" Ngara

"Out Of Position" Kilimani

"Gardens Facing Each Other Across The River" Muthangari

"Every House" Korogocho

"Anything Happens Around" Ngara

"Access To Light" Eastlands

"When I Want To Read, I Open It" Kahawa West

"Not Big Nor Small" Eastlands

"Someone Calls Me Out" Korogocho

"Enclosed By Forests" Karen

"Robotic Faces" Kilimani

"Bringing Fresh Air" Kayole

"At The Beginning Of The Day" Kileleshwa

"A Terrible Scream In The Night" Wanyee

"Connection To The Outside" Muthangari

"Two Major Things" Kahawa West

"Covering My Town" Kibera

"Taking A Deep Breath" Umoja

"Untitled" Woodley

"Cubism" Hurlingham

"Ventillation" Embakasi

"Heaps" Korogocho

"Peace" Upper Hill

"Buildings And Trees" Umoja

"Untitled" Korogocho

"Making Rectangles" Eastlands

"I'm Not Allowed To Explain About What I Seeā€¦" Kibera

"3000 Litres Of Water" Kilimani

"My Ugandan Niece's Favorite" Kilimani

"For Cooking" Eastlands

"A Cool Breeze" Embakasi

"Viewing The Best Man's House" Langata

"Happenings" Kibera