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Map Pamoja

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Various participants in the workshop MAP PAMOJA, who live in Nairobi, marked their favorite or memorable places on the map of Nairobi and wrote their personal stories about those places. The book carries pictures of 34 best places selected from them. A huge size of handmade map covering the whole wall of the gallery was also reproduced into a map at a scale of 1:10. Shall we stroll around Nairobi with the book, tasting each personal story and the daily delights of this attractive city.

Price: 1000 Ksh
*Sold only in Kenya and Japan
Publisher: Nishio Workshop Nairobi Office (March 2012)
Language: English
Edition: 100 copies
Size and Page: A6×72 pages (black and white printing) with an original map in color.

How to purchase
Our products can be purchased at our office or by post only in Kenya and Japan. Please send your message to our email address on the page "Contact" of this website, if you want to buy them.

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