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Nairobi Parachute

Nairobi Parachute

A parachute thrown up to the sky catches the wind, ending up as a sweet conic shape on the ground.
It features materials that are plastic bags and lace curtains which are often found on the streets of Nairobi.
Every parachute is handmade by a Japanese contemporary artist, Akira Higashi who came up with the idea while staying in Nairobi in 2011.
This is designed as children’s toy and objet d’art fit for a peaceful sitting room.

Nairobi Parachute

Price: 2,000 Yen (Postage included)
* Sold only in Japan
Color:Light blue
Material:Plastic bag with lace curtain
Size:h.260 × w.410 × d.410 mm

Artist's Profile
Akira Higashi Participating artist in Nairobi Residence 2011
Born in Hiroshima, Japan, 1974, Akira lives and works in Kyoto. He obtained a B.F.A in sculpture from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1998. His sculptures made from everyday materials such as branches, clothes or plastics, can be formed only if the audience interacts with them as a user. He was awarded Kozue Hibino Award 2010 at the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun. His major exhibitions include dance de la fleur (Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi, 2009), Kyo-Sei (@KCUA< Kyoto, 2010) and Higashi Akira Exhibition (Plaza North, Saitama, 2012).

How to purchase
This product can be purchased by post only in Japan. Please contact us on our email address on the "Contact" page of this website for more information on how to buy.

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